8ft Trampolines

8ft trampolines are the ideal entry level size trampoline, useful if there isn't much space in your garden! Most 8ft trampolines come with an enclosure to keep you safe and are normally only useable by 2 people at a time.

8ft trampolines feature a lower frame height and a softer bounce making them ideal for kids. Thick trampoline pads, strong galvanised steel frames and extra rigid springs make the 8ft trampoline a perfect sized trampoline for you and your family.

8FT Trampoline With FREE Safety Net Enclosure Ladder Rain Cover + Shoe Bag £88.99

Rebo Base Jump Trampoline With Halo II Enclosure 4 Sizes £179.95

NEW JumpKing 8ft Round Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure Green £79.99

KANGA 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure Ladder Winter Cover Anchor Kit Shoe Bag £84.95

Ultrasport Trampoline Tent Blue Blue 8 Ft 251 cm £95.77

Rebo 8FT Base Jump Trampoline With Halo II Enclosure £179.95

Rebo In Ground Base Jump Inground Trampoline 8FT £199.95

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All 8ft trampolines come boxed and with very clear instructions on how to put them together, you will need 2 people to build the trampoline as some of the parts are very big and heavy!