16ft Trampolines

Have a big garden? Then you need a 16ft trampoline! It's BIG! With extra large padding, extra strong steel framing and springs that will send you almost into orbit, these are the trampolines that will get you bouncing!

Perfect for perfecting those tricks or for improving your fitness. A 16ft trampoline allows 2 or more bouncers at a time to enjoy the freedom of trampolining, have face offs or just see how high you can bounce!

Tianxin 16ft T Trampoline + Enclosure £279.99

Safety Enclosure for 16 16ft Round Trampoline Poles and Net £190.00

16FT Trampoline With FREE Safety Net Enclosure Ladder Rain Cover + Shoe Bag £334.99

Lex XXL Trampoline 5 M 16 ft £403.78

16ft trampolines are big and heavy, all come with full instructions but it is advisable to have at least 2 people to help you build it, just tell whoever helps you they can have the first go ;)