Trampoline Enclosures

Trampoline enclosures, normally in the form of steel pole uprights with tough netting that is attached by hooks to the underside of the mat, prevent anyone from falling off the trampoline whilst bouncing.

Trampoline enclosures also give you piece of mind, you can let your children bounce away without the worry of them falling off and getting hurt.

ULTRAPOWER 8 14 FT Replacement Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure Pad Cover Ladder £12.99


Trampoline Replacement Poles Enclosures Surrounding Safety Net 8 10 12 14 FT £17.97

NEW Trampoline Replacement Spare Parts Universal Fits Circle Using Safety Bounce £12.59

10FT Greenbay Trampoline Replacement Safety Net Enclosure Surround For 6 Pole £6.50

Trampoline Spring Cover Padding Safety Net Bundle Replacement 6 8 10 12 14 16 £19.99

Top Trampoline Enclosure Replacement Upper Nets Safety Bounce Universal Surround £13.49

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All trampoline enclosures have a 'door' that can be easily opened and closed, usually via a zip. This allows quick and easy access to the trampoline and when zipped up, prevents anyone from falling out. It is also worth mentioning that the area around a trampoline should be free of any large objects which could hurt anyone if the zip is left open and they fall out.

Trampoline enclosures vary in size as they are dependent on the size of trampoline you have. Simply enter your trampoline size (e.g. 10ft) followed by the word enclosure in the search box or click the links at the top of this paragraph.