Trampoline Covers

A trampoline cover is a great thing to have and will protect your trampoline against things such as bird droppings, leaves, tree sap and UV rays (these UV rays damage the mat and padding on a trampoline, cracking and drying them out).

A trampoline cover is designed not to be waterproof, most covers have eyelets or grommets that will allow water to drain through to the floor, not allowing this would lead to water building up on top of the mat, forcing down the mat causing it to sag and causing the springs to stretch.

10ft Trampoline All Weather Cover BlackNew £7.49

BodyRip Trampoline Rain Dust Cover Black 8 10 12 14FT Weather Protection Guard £12.95

12ft Trampoline All Weather Cover BlackNew £8.49

8ft Trampoline All Weather Cover BlackNew £6.99

8FT 10 FT 12FT 14FT Trampoline Rain Cover £10.47

14ft Trampoline All Weather Cover BlackNew £8.99

6 8 10 12 14 FT Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure Spring Cover Padding Ladder £17.45

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Make sure you get the right size cover by measuring the diameter of your trampoline, from the outside edge from one side to the other. A cover that is too small will not do the job it is supposed to do and a cover that is too big will allow rain, frost and snow in and will damage your trampoline.

Enter your trampoline size followed by cover in the search box (e.g. 10ft cover) to find a cover that is right for your trampoline.